About Dissected Products

This will tell you about the Dissected Products website. What the site does is and how it got started. We hope you enjoy this information about Dissected Products.

What Dissected Products Does

Well Dissected Products does just what the title says. We go over the product labels that manufactures attach to their products.

Most of the information on these labels is stuff that your average consumer has never heard of. Its hard for someone to understand what the ingredients listed are. Not everyone studied chemistry, so the basic product language is a foreign to most.

We are not chemistry buffs and we have a hard time reading the labels to. So we research each and every product that pops up. Then we put the basic what information into terms that real people understand

Those product labels were put on products to let consumers know what they are consuming. Its only fair that your everyday JOE can see what those ingredients are.

Why We Dissect Products

Trust me, I really dont know why we jumped into this monster of a website. I guess we just found the information to be valuable and interesting. It’s kind of cool to know weird stuff.

After we started dissecting, we found a different reason. After going through some of these ingredients we started to worry a bit. I think most people would like to know and should know where these ingredients come from.

The information is posted for anyone to read it at any time for FREE.