What Is Glucose Syrup And How Is It Used

what is glucose syrup

Today we will be looking at what is Glucose Syrup and how it is used. We have found products with “glucose syrup” in the ingredient label. So lets see whats in the products we are consuming.

All of the products we have found containing glucose syrup will be listed at the bottom of this page. The list will get longer over time.

What Is Glucose Syrup?

what is glucose syrupGlucose syrup is literally a syrup made of sugar. It’s made by mixing sugars with water. The texture is similar to honey, molasses or pancake syrup. Its a thick sticky liquid.

Glucose syrup can be made from a variety of sources. The most common sugar used to make the syrup comes from corn starch. It can also be made with other starchy plants such as wheat and potatoes. Which makes glucose syrup an organic ingredient.

Glucose syrup’s sweetness level can be adjusted. By increasing the dextrose levels in the syrup, it will become sweeter. Lower dextrose level will be less sweet.

When manufactures place “glucose syrup” on a product label it is non specific. The label does not say what type of crop produced the syrup or the sweetness level.

How Glucose Syrup Is Used

how is sugar usedThis sugary syrup is commonly used as a sweetener for food products. It also helps as a food preservative and in many times to form products like candy.

Glucose Syrup Can Be Found In

  • Sodas
  • Candy
  • Condiments
  • Juice
  • And many other carbohydrate filled sweets

The general purpose of glucose syrup is to make products sweet. So it’s used in mostly consumable products. There are other applications for glucose and other forms of the same sugar. When the glucose is in the syrup form a food additive is likely the intended use.

Is Glucose Syrup Healthy?

Honestly the syrup not nutritious at all. When you consume the sugar mix, you are trading taste for nutritional value. Glucose syrup is full of carbohydrate, calories and no vitamins or minerals to nourish your body.

Is Glucose Syrup HealthySugars are not unhealthy when consumed with appropriate portions of other substances.

For example: A banana is packed full of sugar, but eating a banana will also supply your body with fiber, potassium and all of the other nutrients with the sugar. Making a banana a healthy food containing sugar.

When glucose syrup is extracted from a sugar source like corn, all of the valuable nutrients are separated from the sugar. The only portion of the corn glucose syrup has, is the negative or poor nutrition part. Then you are without all of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to digest those sugars properly.

Healthy Sugar Fix Tip:

**This tip is for healthy people ONLY. Consult with your doctor if you have medical issues before trying this**

When you are having a sugar craving, try filling the craving with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits will probably satisfy the craving faster. You can fill your belly with fruits and still consume less sugar than the amounts in glucose syrup. Your body will be full of natural vitamins and sugar at the same time. 

Your body should experience a natural sugar spike from the healthy fresh foods.

Most Beneficial Use For Glucose Syrup

We did find 1 benefit for glucose syrup. This benefit uses the syrup as a food preservative. While it’s not the healthiest preservative, it’s still useful.

Of course fresh whole foods are always the best and healthiest, but not everyone has access to such foods. Places in the world that can not grow fresh foods is a good example. 

Places like deserts or ice caps can not grow fresh foods. When preservatives like glucose syrup are used, the food becomes portable and available.

The consumers in these locations are happy to have the sugar. To make the foods healthier, they can drain and rinse the glucose syrup off of the foods before eating them. 

The same benefits can also be shared by emergency food providers, households stocking up for seasons and sportsman. Not everyone has access to a grocery store or farmers market.

Organizations That Benefit From Glucose SyrupSome Organizations That Benefit From Food Preservatives Are:

These are not profit based programs. These programs find food preservation essential to their workings. Programs and organizations like these would not be able to function without dried, canned or packaged foods. 

Side Effects

There are many side effects to consuming glucose syrup. Let’s start with the most serious. 

Effects of high glucose levels on the unhealthy body can be the most dangerous.

Glucose can enter a the blood as it is being consumed. This rapid effect can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar within a couple of minutes. People with blood or heart diseases would be the most effected.

These are the 2 fastest acting side effects that are possible from consuming glucose syrup. It only takes just a few minutes after a poor food choice. These side effects are rare, but they are medically possible.

Healthy people can also suffer side effect of consuming glucose syrup. Most of the side effects are caused by long term overuse of the sugar. 

Side Effects of glucose syrupAll of these side effects are due to repeated or constant over use of sugars in the diet. When consumed in reasonable amounts, these side effects should not be an issue. Any kind of daily over use of glucose syrup can result with one or more of the side effects listed below.

Obesity is the #1 and most common side effect. When someone continuously over uses sugars, most of the sugar is stored in the body as fat. Sugars are absorbed into the body. They remain in the body if they are not burned properly. 

Glucose syrup is nothing but sugar. Without the other important vitamins from a healthy food, the body is unable to digest the sugar. Therefore the access sugar is stored in the body as fat.

Other effects can include:

Bottom Line

There are numerous health problems that all started with over use of sugar. Glucose syrup is concentrated and common in processed foods. In moderation the syrup is safe. 

At the same time, with all the variety and numbers of processed foods that have glucose syrup – it hard to keep track of how much you have consumed. 

To be on the safe side, foods with glucose syrups should be on the “do not eat list”. Or they should be extremely limited to occasional use. 

We understand that some of our favorite foods contain glucose syrup. Looking for an alternate food could be the answer.

Or strict limits.

For example: I love sodas. Instead of completely taking them out of my diet, I enjoy them on weekends only. During the week, I can drink teas and coffee for my caffeine boost. I prepare my own tea and coffee extremely lightly sweetened with granulated sugar. On the weekends, I can have sodas.

This example is real. I really do this. Through my restrictions, I have noticed that I have more heartburn on the weekends. My digestion is also off, I feel really bloated and I don’t have bowel movements. After my body digest the sodas completely, I’m fine by Tuesday.

Currently I probably drink 4 or 5 canned sodas for the entire weekend. Before I restricted my sodas, I was drinking at least 4 sodas per day everyday. It’s a hard habit to kick.

Finding the coffee and tea alternatives was the solution to my soda addiction. Now I really don’t even need to drink sodas on the weekend. I just drink them for the weekend variety.

My coffee and tea substitute for the sodas has been working well for me. I can also drink my tea with no sugar, but coffee is still a little tart for my taste. I add a teaspoon of pure cane sugar to my coffee to lighten the bitter taste.

There are reasonable alternatives to glucose syrup. Just making a simple adjustment to your diet can reduce your sugar intake. If you must consume the syrup, just eat it only when you need to. You should not have too many health issues it is eaten only by necessity.

Products We Have Found With Glucose Syrup 

All of these products have glucose sugar listed as an ingredient on the package. This list will grow as we dissect more products.

  • Halls Defense Dietary Supplement DropsHalls “Defense” Dietary Supplement Drops. Distributed by Mondelez Global LLC. Assorted citrus flavors. 14 count package size. The ingredients for this product are: Glucose Syrup, Sodium Ascorbate, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavoring, Ascorbic Acid, Beta Carotene (Color), Soy Lecithin, Red 40.

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