Category: Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are normally included in non food items, but that may be in edible products. Active ingredients can always be found in medicines, pesticides and chemical treatments.

Other Common Terms For Active Ingredients

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
  • Bulk Active
  • Active Substance
  • Pharmacon
  • Pharmakon
  • Active Constituent
  • Active Principle

Why Active Ingredients Are Important

Many dangers with all products is the excessive ingredients in any products. If the additional additives are not necessary, generally you want to try to avoid them. For example if 2 similar products have the exact same amount of active ingredients, but 1 of the 2 products has more additives. For the most part the product containing unnecessary additives should be passed.

A lot of the times additional unnecessary additives are added just for the purpose of changing the recipe to make the product.

Normally consumers should compare active ingredients. If you are looking for a pesticide, you can see what agent is actually effect. Also you can avoid possible allergic reactions.