Category: Dissected Products

Dissected Products

These are the dissected products that we have or are currently dissecting. Our process for dissecting these products is fairly simple.

How We Dissect Products

  • We read the package product label. Most of the items we study will have a label. You can also find whole foods such as produce items studied here. Of course our whole foods products will not have product labels.
  • Then we go through each of the products ingredients individually. You can see all of the facts about ever ingredient from the products. This is an easy way for consumers to know exactly what products they are consuming.

What Do We Do With The Information

Dissected Products does nothing with our studies. We only post it online for consumers to have access to. We are not scientist doing experiments or part of any study groups.

While we are cautions of our own environmental footprints, we are not part of any type of environmental organization. We are also completely neutral with dieting or religious beliefs.

Our only goal is to provide valuable ingredient information.

How Dissected Products Can Help

There are a number of ways ingredient information can help consumers. There are only 2 reasons that we really try to provide for.

  • Make informed decisions at the time of purchase. If you are wanting to buy more of consume less of an ingredient, this is a great tool. You can see the actual packages of the products of the items with the ingredients. You can be prepared when you are in the grocery store.
  • We also try to help with medical ingredients. We are not health care professionals, but we can help your doctor. If your doctor instructs to eat more of something or restricts an ingredient from your diet. You can see what those items are. Making health smart purchases could be as simple as just changing the brand name.