Family Wellness Antacid Tablets Assorted Berry

Family Wellness Antacid Tablets Assorted Berry Flavors

Dissected Products has taken on this store brand antacid. Family Wellness antacid tablets assorted berry dissected.

Family Wellness Antacid Tablets Assorted Berry FlavorsFamily Wellness Antacid Package Information

  • Brand Name: Family Wellness is the store brand offered by Family Dollar stores.
  • Product Title: Antacid Tablets “Extra Strength”
  • Flavor: Assorted Berry Flavors
  • Package UPC: 032251005381
  • Distributed By: Midwood Brands, LLC based out of Mathews, North Carolina
  • Other Information: “Package contains 96 chewable tablets”
  • Package expires: February of year 2022. The package information should be valid until at least that date.

Why We Chose To Dissect This Antacid Product

Our choice to dissect this store brand antacid is we use it in our home regularly. We often buy Family Dollar store brand products, but this one is a necessity for our house. 

If we don’t have some sort of antacid on hand, I could have get heartburn and have no relief. Yes, I have spent many sleepless nights in pain because of heartburn.¬†

The main reason we continue to buy this product is because it’s cheaper than the name brands. We have purchased it multiple times, and it seems to stop the heartburn fine for us.

I also just want disclose that we have not been paid to advertise this product. We also own no parts of Family Dollar or Midwood Brands, LLC. The package that we are posting about was purchased by our personal money and not given to us by anyone or any company. We are only posting information about a product because we use it regularly.

Active Ingredients In The Antacid

Calcium carbonate is the only listed active ingredient in this store brand antacid. Since this is an antacid tablet, the calcium carbonate is what actually relieves the heartburn.

Antacid Tablets Inactive Ingredients 

There are a total of 11 inactive ingredients listed on the antacid package. That basically means that the following only help the calcium carbonate do its job. These antacid ingredients have no effect on indigestion or heartburn.

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