Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil

Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil

Dissected Products has purchased some Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil. We are going to dissect this product to see what information we can get.

Disclosure: This item was purchased with our only private money for our own personal use. We have no connection to the Heavenly Pure company. Our purchase of the essential oil was done through a 3rd party retailer and not direct from the manufacture.

Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential OilPackage Information For Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Oil

  • Brand Name: Heavenly Pure
  • Product Title: Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil
  • Distributed By: Heavenly Pure located in Denver, Colorado USA
  • Other Package Info: 4oz / 118ml glass bottle with glass dropper included

We found this tea tree oil product while we were looking for “pure tea tree oil”. I have found multiple recipes for a natural flea spray for our new puppy. So I wanted to try to make some. In the end I just bought the oil & never completed the flea spray project.

I have seen other uses for tea tree oil online, so I’m sure I will use it over time. The package seems to be really good. I’m sure it will be fine for long term storage. There is no expiration date on the bottle. 


This particular tea tree oil has no ingredients listed. The Heavenly Pure product website says that this is 100% pure tea tree oil. It also says that the oils are extracted with a steam distillation process. 

Ways To Use Heavenly Pure Tea Tree Oil Product

This particular product is being sold as a pure tea tree essential oil. It also says its therapeutic grade. 

  • You can use this oil in infusers for aroma therapy. It smells similar to eucalyptus and camphor and said to be calming by users.
  • There are a number of home remedies recipes with tea tree oils that this product can also be used in. 

At this time we only go over product ingredients & not home remedy recipes. If you would like to see some of these recipes, we can suggest these sites.

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