What Is Tea Tree Oil And How Is It Used

What Is Tea Tree Oil And How Is It Used

Today’s focus is on tea tree oil. See what tea tree oil is and how is it used. This essential oil has a history of being a proven ingredient for home remedies and DIY beauty products.

All of the products that we have found containing the natural oil will be listed at the bottom of this page.

What Is In Tea Tree Oil

This oil is composed of oil extracts of the tea tree or the melaleuca alternifolia plant . It is considered to be an essential oil or a concentrated oil containing natural elements of the plant.

What Is In Tea Tree OilThe chemicals or essences of any plant can change depending on that plants growing environment. This may be why distributors of essential oils have special guide lines to follow for sales.

All plants naturally consume whatever material that is used for soil. Those same materials are then made into parts of the plant. Plants will also absorb nutrients through the air and water that they consume.

In general MOST tea tree oil contains: terpinen-4-ol, γ-terpinene, α-terpinene, 1,8-cineole, terpinolene, α-terpineol, α-pinene, p-Cymene, Sabinene, limonene, aromadendrene, ledene, globulol, viridiflorol

As I already mentioned, there could be addition components of natural oil not listed. The fact is that all natural oils are different unless every plant was grown in the same exact controlled environment.

Uses For Tea Tree Oil

This natural oil has been useful in many applications. Often you can find tea tree oil as an ingredient to make another product.

Mixtures containing the oil have been used for medical treatments for animals and people for hundreds of years. Studies have also found that the essential oil can also serve as a natural pesticide.

Uses For Tea Tree OilCurrent Uses For The Natural Oil:

  • Pesticides
  • Skin Care Products
  • Fungicides
  • Hair Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pet Care Products
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Aroma Therapy
  • First Aid Products
  • Household Cleaners

Some U.S Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved products contain essential oils, but usually the essential oil is used in home remedy recipes.

Where Does Tea Tree Oil Come FromWhere Does The Oil Come From

Many reports trace tea tree oil to parts of the continent of Australia. The natural oil is derived from melaleuca alternifolia plant. The plant grows naturally in South and Eastern Australia:

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales

With the growing popularity of this essential oil, producers and farmers are now cultivating melaleuca alternifolia in green houses and plant nurseries. Melaleuca alternifolia seeds can also be easily purchased online making it easy to grow anywhere in the world.

Being that the melaleuca alternifolia are being cultivated worldwide lends to the fact that the chemicals inside oils may vary. Fertilizers, artificial temperatures and lighting could change the chemical levels per plant.

Side Effects

Most adverse side effects to this natural oil are linked to allergic reactions or misuse.

An allergic reaction to the natural oil is possible. Most allergic reactions to the oil have been reported as mild skin irritation. Rashes, hives, itchy skin ect. We did not find any deaths linked to allergic reaction to the natural oil. To be on the safe side, medical assistance (See A Doctor) should be priority for any allergic reaction.

The essential oil is considered to be toxic to consume internally. With a slew of home remedy recipes offered with the ingredient – many people are misusing the oil. Ingesting tea tree oil could result in poisoning.

Consumers should also be aware of the strength of concentrated natural oils. If the oil is not diluted with another product, it could cause severe skin irritations. Pure essential oils are not recommended for direct skin contact. Be careful with your home remedy recipes.

Products With Tea Tree Oil

These are the products we have dissected that contain the natural oil. The list will grow as more products are dissected.

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