What Is Crospovidone And How Is It Used

What Is Crospovidone made of

In this page we will be going over what Crospovidone is and how it is used. I can say now that Crospovidone is a highly complex organic chemical. If you see this ingredient on your product label, you should read this information.

All of the products we have dissected with Crospovidone listed as an ingredient, will be listed at the bottom of this page.

What Is Crospovidone

What Is Crospovidone made ofWell a blunt and honest fact is crospovidone is a highly processed organic chemical found in vinyl group. Other phrases used to describe “vinyl group” is vinyl or ethenyl.

You are likely thinking that crospovidone is made from ethanol and Vinyl. Right? Your thoughts are correct. These are the scary facts.

Don’t shy away from this organic chemical just yet. When consumers think of ethanol and vinyl it throws up red flags. The reason we have these red flags is because these common names are known to be dangerous. We automatically think “STAY AWAY”.

To make it fair, crospovidone has been highly processed by scientist. We are talking about processing down to atoms and molecules. When the chemical is made, it is no longer vinyl or ethanol.

Many years of dedicated scientist have studied crospovidone and the FDA U.S. Food And Drug Administration has approved the chemical for consumer use. If you decide to use or not use the chemical, your decision should be based on the correct information.

Other Names Used For Crospovidone

  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • Polyvidone
  • Povidone
  • PVP
  • E1201
  • E1202
  • PVPP

The name Crospovidone, PVPP or E1202 is used to describe the chemical in its edible form. Any of the other names used for crospovidone are used to name the chemical in non food applications. So technically according to the chemical industry PVP or polyvinylpyrrolidone are not a food chemicals.

Why Is Crospovidone Used

Scientist use crospovidone for generally one thing, to get a chemical reaction. It is an organic chemical, so its used solely for its chemical reaction. Through my research, I have not found a single use for just crospovidone as a single ingredient.

All of the products that I have found consist of mixing crospovidone with another ingredient. Of course the chemical reaction can vary greatly depending on what it is mixed with.

Actually one of the best things about crospovidone is that it can be used in a large number of applications. The possibilities of this chemical is nearly endless.

Ways The Chemical Is Used

Medical Uses 

Through many years crospovidone has literally saved millions of lives. A lot of people would have died if they had not used crospovidone in some way.

The common name for crospovidone in the medical industry is PVP. PVP is how doctors, pharmacist, medical technicians or scientist may refer to crospovidone. If you say “crospovidone” to a doctor, he may not be familiar with the term.

  • Starting in the 1950’s PVP was used to keep seriously injured people from bleeding to death. It basically assisted emergency aid providers to slow blood loss. 
  • Scientist created new medicines using PVP to bind active ingredients together. 
  • PVP is also used when making disinfectants, soaps, lubricants, topical ointments, medical procedures, and medical devices.

Medical advancement in general have benefited greatly just by the use of PVP. I’m sure that biochemical engineers that work with PVP are very appreciative of how versatile the chemical is.

Food Uses

While PVP is used more for medical uses, their are still many ways the chemical is used in foods. Actually the specific term “crospovidone” is specifically used for food applications. This chemicals name will change depending on what industry its being applied. 

Other names for crospovidone in the food industry include: PVPP and E1202. You probably will not find these 3 names on uneatable item packages. 

  • Some professional farmers use crospovidone in crop protectors. The chemical may be in insecticides or fungicides as a INACTIVE INGREDIENT.  PVPP is an organic chemical, so organic farms could use the chemical on their crops. The chemical likely binds the “active ingredients” in pesticides and fungicides.
  • Crospovidone can also be used in many other foods as an ADDITIVE. The product may be using the chemical as a coating or binder for their final product.
  • Over the counter medicines or OTC meds may have crospovidone listed as an ingredient. As I mentioned earlier, the chemical has been used to create a number of medical treatments including medicines. These OTC drugs will likely have crospovidone as an INACTIVE INGREDIENT.

Health And Beauty Products

Yes, crospovidone is used during the creation of many beauty products. Many products an average family keeps in their restroom have the chemical it.

  • Of course, some OTC meds have the chemical listed as an “inactive ingredient”.
  • These other items refer to the chemical as PVP. Items like shampoo, conditioner, lotions, lubricants, hair styling products, and many other items. These types of items will usually list PVP as an ingredient on the product label.

Other Uses

There are still a large number of products that use crospovidone that I still have not even mentioned. The chemical is extremely flexible in applications. Many products in the consumers market have it in their product. Most of these products use it as a stabilizer or binder.

Only a few of these products include: glue, water filters, batteries, ink jet products, and paints.

Health Risk And Dangers

Dangers Of CrospovidoneThe most publicized danger associated to crospovidone has been also directly linked to drug abuse. Drug addicts have died of lung failure in the past, due to injecting OTC medications. The crospovidone chemical is toxic if it is injected into the blood stream

As a reminder all medications including OTC medications should only be used as directed. Every medicine has been formulated for a specific use. Misusing any type of medication can be dangerous.

There have been other reports of patients having allergic reactions to PVP or povidone. PVP and povidone are the form of crospovidone used for medical treatments. Of course allergic reactions to PVP are not a general reason for danger. Allergies will vary depending on the patient. 

On a positive side, the people that have had allergic retractions are usually under direct physician care. Meaning that most happen in hospitals during treatment. Also hospitals are normally prepared at all times to treat patients having an anaphylactic reaction to all treatments.

Other than the health risk I have listed above, there is only one other thing to be concerned about. I read multiple articles stating that scientist are unaware of long term effect in the lungs. This statement could be associated with manufacturing the chemical or consumption. The information was incomplete.

Our Final Thoughts On The Risk

When used as instructed or consumed as instructed crospovidone is considered to be safe. Allergic reactions can be a risk. With the limited or lack of public information about the chemical itself, its probably better to look for alternatives.

You can just read your product labels. If you can get the same results from a product that does not contain crospovidone, personally I would choose that product. If there is no other alternative without the ingredient, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Dissected Products With the Crospovidone Ingredient

These products have been dissected by us and do have crospovidone listed as an ingredient on the product label.

  • Products With CrospovidoneFamily Wellness Extra Strength Antacid Tablets sold by Family Dollar stores. Assorted Berry Flavors in the 96 chewable tablets package size. Calcium Carbonate is listed as the the only active ingredient. There are also 11 inactive ingredients listed in this same product. Including Adipic Acid, Corn Starch, Crospovidone, Dextrose, FD&C Blue 1 Lake, FD&C Red 40 Lake, Flavors, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Talc.

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